DIY Eid Magnets

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This year we decided to go with a boho theme, and PINK as the dominant colour. Of course this was our 5 almost 5 year olds, choice, but I happen to love the idea. 

I wanted to do something a little different than what is always seen when you think of Ramadan or Eid. Usually it's the traditional shapes and jewel tones, which are beautiful and what has served as inspiration to me in the past. However, when I started Path of Light, I did it because of the lack of anything new in terms of design. Since the market is filled with the traditional green, purple and gold - I went the other way. 

Boho, Pink, Sage, Oat - these are the vibes that came to mind when I was coming up with this design. 

I set to work designing, and came up with this unique and less common style. It suited our home decor perfectly, and of course the tastes of a little girl! 

To make the magnets, we used the Ramadan Shapes template from the Pink Boho Digital Suite, and pasted them on a sticky magnet sheet. Once we liked the arrangement we came up with, we cut them out together. 

Now we have an easy, pretty and practical way to incorporate more Ramadan vibes into our home. Not only did this DIY take less than an hour, but Talia really enjoyed herself. I often try and come up with ways to do crafts that can result in something that is also practical and useful - as a means to create less waste while still bringing about 100% pure joy! 

I hope you love this concept, and try it out. You can download this fun digital suite from our shop in both Pink Boho but also another colour way called 'Plant Mama'

Happy Ramadan!


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